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Smartrac’s Financial Advisory Services provides assistance to businesses faced with opportunities for growth.

Business Valuations

Whether selling your own business or looking to acquire another, an independent valuation is an essential piece of negotiating material. Smartrac’s professional business analysts make use of tried and tested, best practice financial valuation models and tools that provide you with a fair, substantiated valuation report.

Financial Policies and Procedures

Financial policies and procedures such as payment authorisations, cash handling, debtor reconciliations, supplier payments and credit applications are critical to the efficient operation of any businesses accounts division. Smartrac will evaluate current policies for weaknesses as well as implement new procedures where necessary.

Capital Budgeting

Whether considering the purchase of a new machine or the sale of an existing one, an independent valuation of the item is imperative. Smartrac will go a step further in determining the value of an asset by assessing its position within its operating environment.

Our experienced team has extensive business knowledge and compliance know-how, guiding clients in their ambitions to grow and improve their businesses.