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Smartrac is a national consulting firm that provides creative and sustainable solutions to challenges facing the modern business

Smartrac was founded in 2009, but the seed for providing a range of professional financial services to satisfy the needs of a modern-day business was planted by Smartrac’s Founder and Group Managing Director years before. Muhammad Seedat saw the need for accounting and consulting firms to move beyond the realm of passive, inflexible service offerings to one that provides a bouquet of holistic solutions as enterprising as the business is itself. The product of this vision was Smartrac – a firm that couples functional expertise with in-depth knowledge of the industry and environment, providing every solution and every possibility.

Smartrac’s holistic approach to business means that we can go further than the run-of-the-mill consultancy in servicing the client. Our set of professional services is not only diverse, but flexible enough to be tailored to fit the individual’s business. Smartrac prides itself on keeping things simple, and our overall objective as a consultancy is therefore uncomplicated – we get to the real issues and reach practical recommendations. Smartrac believes that with every solution we provide, we also offer endless possibilities to you and your business.


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