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The Smartrac Academy of Entrepreneurship focuses on equipping school individuals, university students and graduates, and budding business people with skills that can empower them, increase their potential and develop them into entrepreneurs that can provide beneficial – as well as profitable – services to society.

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Who we are

The Smartrac Academy of Entrepreneurship is an initiative conceived by the Founder and Group Managing Director of Smartrac – a consulting firm that provides a range of professional financial services that are geared towards satisfying the needs of the modern-day business.

What we do

Smart Start

  • The Smart Start programme is tailored for secondary school individuals – in particular those in the Senior Phase and builds on the theory taught in Economic Management Sciences (EMS) with practical thoughts about the economic environment and where business can be found. The objective of the programme is not only to plant the seed for entrepreneurship at this early stage, but more on encouraging business ideas from youngsters by equipping them with the tools, models and most importantly, the confidence needed to bring a business concept to fruition.

Street Smart

  • Street Smart caters for business-savvy students looking to get a foot up in the world with skills not traditionally taught at tertiary institutions. The short course is aimed at students from all disciplines and inclinations, and is built on the belief that the entrepreneurial spirit can add value to any qualification and profession. This course gives attention to all the things not typically spoken about in the lecture theatre, including the research necessary for starting a business, training on how to present and interview, and choosing the model and approach that would suit the business.

Smart Success

  • The Smartrac Academy of Entrepreneurship’s premium offering is its Smart Success seminar series that is targeted at individuals who have always had a good business idea laying beneath the service, but have never had the time, liberty or know-how to nurture it. Each of the seminars has a specific theme and subject, covering everything from recognising opportunities to product development to securing finance. The series cumulatively makes up the Smart Success Programme, with each seminar providing stand-alone material & practical tools to take away.

Why we do it

The Smartrac Academy of Entrepreneurship believes and propagates the idea that entrepreneurs aren’t born, but made and moulded by the circumstances around them. The Academy aims to provide and teach entrepreneurship skills to people of all ages, with the view that the entrepreneurial flair they imbibe can complement – and even extend – their current skill set, regardless of what discipline or industry they are in.

The Academy puts an emphasis on the practical aspects of being an entrepreneur by not only showing how opportunities can be capitalised on, but by providing the tools and frameworks for the engineering and presentation of a business model and plan that is attractive, sustainable, and above all, that can benefit society.?

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